A damaged car because of accident

You should hire a lawyer to help you pursue accident damages if your accident case is complicated. Below are some of the situations that fall under complicated accident cases.

The Accident Involved Several Cars

You need an auto accident lawyer when you are one of the drivers in an accident that involved more than two cars. The more cars that are involved in an accident, the more you need a lawyer to help you recover your damages.

In a pileup accident, expect the drivers to point fingers at each other and try to avoid responsibility for the crash. Even accident reconstruction experts and investigators have a hard time if multiple cars are involved. All these issues call for the legal expertise and experience of an auto accident lawyer.

The Accident Claimed Multiple Victims

You have your work cut out for you if you are one of the multiple victims of an accident. You may end up with insufficient compensation if one party is responsible for the accident and they have to compensate multiple victims.

Consider an example where you are one among five passengers injured in a van accident, and the driver of the van is the sole liable party. In such a case, each of you will have to fight for a share of the van driver’s insurance money since the insurance limit might not be enough to compensate all of you. A lawyer will help you fight for your fair share of the insurance money.

You Sustained Serious Injuries

The more damages you have, the more you need an auto accident lawyer to help you recover the damages. Since serious injuries mean high damages, you need an auto accident lawyer if an accident has left you with serious injuries.

The defendant, usually via their insurance carrier, will put up a spirited defense to limit your damages. You have so much to lose that you shouldn’t risk such a case without legal representation.

The Guilty Driver Works for the Government

The government has immunity against auto accident lawsuits, but exceptions exist that allow you to recover damages against the government. However, the laws that govern injury claims against the government differ from those that govern lawsuits against private parties. A lawyer can help you convince the court that your case qualifies for one of the exceptions.

For example, you can’t sue the police if a police cruiser crashes into your car during a high-speed chase of a criminal. However, you can sue an off-duty police officer who crashes your car. You might think the distinction between an off-duty and on-duty officer is clear, but some circumstances raise confusion and require the input of a legal professional.

The Accident Involves an Out-of-state Driver

An auto accident also gets complicated if it involves an out-of-state driver. Such a case is complicated because:

  • The case might go in front of a federal court if the damages exceed $75,000

  • You may have to file an out-of-state auto accident lawsuit

  • The case may involve parties (drivers, insurers, parents, rental companies, and employers, among others) from different states

You need a skilled and experienced auto accident lawyer to help you deal with the complications of such a case.

You Have Partial Responsibility for the Crash

Lastly, you also need a lawyer if the defendant claims you contributed to the crash. In Georgia, you only get accident compensation if your contribution to the auto accident is less than that of the defendant. A lawyer can help you prove that you deserve compensation because the defendant’s contribution to the crash exceeded your contribution.

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