Car Accident

When you’re involved in a serious accident, you will likely experience great pain, suffering, and money loss. To make up for this, you need to file your claim correctly. Insurance companies require documents to be filed on time and filled out according to their rules. Sometimes these rules can be confusing and difficult, which is why you need a step-by-step guide to avoiding mistakes along the way.

We’ll start out at the scene of the accident and help you along to the final settlement. If you have any questions about your particular case, contact a qualified personal injury attorney for personalized guidance.

What To Do After The Accident

What you do after the accident matters just as much as what you immediately following it. Aside from properly filling out your insurance company’s paperwork, you should also be documenting your progress after the accident.

Write Down Your Own Accident

Report You should record everything you remember about the accident after it happens. Make sure to mention exactly how you got injured and the type of pain you feel.

Takes Notes When You Talk to Your Insurance Company

You should record exactly what an insurance company representative tells you. If that representative gives you faulty information, you should have a record of who told you and when so you are not held responsible for it.

Document Doctor Visits

Record when you visit your doctor and what your doctor tells you. Record the treatments your doctor prescribes, especially any prescriptions, casts, and braces given.

Keep Business Cards

You should start a collection of business cards of doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers you interact with. That way, you always have their contact information at the ready.

Document Lost Wages

Record each day that you stay at home because you are too injured to work. You should also make a note of how much money you lose each day because of your injury.

Take Photographs of Your Injuries

Keep a daily photographic record of your injuries. This is especially important to document bruises, scarring, and the progress of broken bones.

What To Do At The Doctor’s Office

If you are injured in an accident, it is in your best interest to seek medical help as soon as possible. Some people feel like they need to tough it out, but they could develop serious chronic injuries that will not be covered by their insurance if they do. Here’s what you should do:

Report Your Pain to Your Doctor

Be sure to give an accurate account of the accident and your pain to your doctor or physical therapist. They can record your pain in official records.

Disclose Previous Injuries

If the accident aggravated a preexisting condition, be sure to disclose this to your doctor. Your injury may cause chronic pain that will need continued care. If you don’t let your doctor know, your insurance company won’t know how much medical care you need to be covered.

Keep All Follow-Up Appointments

If your doctor sets check-up appointments, you need to keep those appointments. If you don’t go, an insurance adjuster can argue that you didn’t make enough of an effort to recover. Your company may deny your claim.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have any questions about your personal injury case, you should contact an attorney to help you. Some personal injury cases are more difficult to process than others, and it helps to have professional help to get the compensation payment you need for your expenses. Many people forego hiring a lawyer because they don’t understand how helpful an attorney can be toward winning your case. That’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make.