ASD Child

Raising a child with autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, is a challenge. You fear for your child’s future, even as you see growth in your child’s ability to speak, socialize, and perform basic tasks through the assistance of occupational, speech, and physical therapy.

You’ve maybe heard of collecting disability for your child so you can continue to give your child the healthiest, most successful chance at life. Disability benefits can be very helpful because raising an ASD child is expensive, and the medical visits, therapy, and intervention programs add up.

Learn how you can successfully collect Social Security Disability for your child so your family can be more financially prepared to help your young one succeed and so you can feel confident your child will have security as an adult with autism.

Get the Right Diagnosis

Simply having autism doesn’t immediately grant your child rights to Social Security. Your child has to show a marked deficiency of social and independent impairment to be approved for disability. Your child must have an official diagnosis of the following to be approved for disability:

  • Inability to speak or speak appropriately
  • Inability to reciprocate in communication (regardless of speaking skills)
  • Inability to function without repetitive or very routine behavior

Since every child with autism is different and expresses their fears, stress, and happiness in different ways, you need to speak to an autism specialist for a detailed list of the symptoms your child possesses before pursuing Social Security benefits.

Hire a Lawyer

Hire a lawyer who is experienced in Social Security claims to assist you in the filing process. You will have to file medical reports, reports from teachers and caregivers, and other factual information about the severity of your child’s autism. Many claims sent into the Social Security office are denied the first time, and even more are denied after an appeal.

Reasons for a denial in Social Security Disability benefits include:

  • Missing or inaccurate information
  • Filing beyond reported deadlines
  • Filling out the wrong paperwork

The process to file for Social Security benefits for your ASD child is a long one, and you don’t want to risk having your claim denied. Hire a lawyer for assistance for the following reasons.

Your Lawyer Will Gather the Right Information

Your lawyer will get medical reports and updates, the most recent diagnosis of your child, and all information regarding the type of therapy and assistance your child is currently using. This information is vital to getting your case approved.

Your Lawyer Will Speak on Your Behalf

After your paperwork is sent into the Social Security office, your¬†lawyer¬†will follow up with a caseworker and ensure your claim is being processed. Any questions about your claim will be fielded by your lawyer, who will gather additional evidence of your child’s needs for financial benefits to keep your case open, and hopefully, approved.

Your Lawyer Will Appeal Your Case

You can generally expect to have your child’s Social Security Disability claim denied the first time; your lawyer is already anticipating this happening and will be ready to appeal immediately to get you the funds your child deserves. With your lawyer’s assistance, you may be able to even get your claim approved on its first attempt, getting your child (and your family) the assistance needed much sooner.

Filing any type of Social Security Disability claim is a challenge. With 65% of claims facing denial and reconsideration of appeals seeing an even higher denial rate, you don’t want to risk attempting to file the confusing and daunting claim on your own. Trust the Law Offices Of Wells and McElwee, P.C. Our experienced lawyers will help you get the security your child with autism desperately needs.