Meet Our Lawyers

Our attorneys are highly educated and accustomed to trial and out of court settlements.

Each of our lawyers has over 30 years of experience practicing law. Stephen H. McElwee was admitted to the Georgia bar in 1976, and Donald T. Wells Jr. was admitted in 1981. Both have extensive experience with personal injury, workers’ compensation, Social Security, and criminal defense cases, making them excellent choices to represent you should you need legal counsel.

Personalized Attention

We know that each personal injury case or criminal defense case is different – there are different people and circumstances involved in each one. That’s why we offer individualized representation for each case we take. We pay close attention to the details of your unique case to ensure we provide you with excellent counsel. Your welfare and getting you the recovery you deserve are our top priorities.

Expert Representation No Matter What

No matter the value of your claim or the potential size of your settlement, we are committed to providing you with expert representation. Whether your case involves a DUI or a slip-and-fall accident, we will use our fine-tuned skills to negotiate a favorable settlement and give you the highest-quality legal counsel.

Come Speak With Us

If you are seeking representation, or if you aren’t sure whether you need a lawyer for your personal injury claim, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We will gladly give you a free consultation during which we will discuss your case, answer any questions, and see how we can help you.